Update from Saharah Eve
Female Supremacy
My, my, it has been some time since I've visited Livejournal!

My website is going well, and My Wordpress experiment turned out to be rather successful. As I predicted in My opening post to this journal, I've made it the locus of My written thoughts. Be that as it may, I find it worthwhile to visit Livejournal from time to time.

You can of course point your browser over to My already established public blog at My own url: saharaheve.com/blog if you feel the urge to read more.

For those needing to catch up: I am not only a dominant Woman, but a devout Female-led relationship advocate. This isn't a role I take on for the amusement of male fetishes and self-serving sycophants; it's who and what I really am. I've written extensively on the subject and I've even capitalized upon what I do by showing snippets of My life to the internet at large.

People sometimes find My viewpoints about the sexes shocking, perhaps mostly because I'm so frank in how I express them.  Men in My life do indeed serve Me not only as their Queen, but their superior—their Goddess, and I reward them with My attentions, however fleeting they may be, and of course a future of continued labor and servitude, all for My benefit and gain.

There are those who refuse to see the truth of Female Superiority, but it's available for anyone to see in any modern biology textbook or sociological analysis on the sexes. The facts are what they are; their interpretations can be altered, granted, but the facts remain, and no on has thus far provided any empirical evidence to say My interpretations of these facts, as well as what I've learned in My own real-life experiences, are unsound.

So there...  ;-)


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